Early 2023 Update

Hello All!

It’s that time of year again where I update everyone on what’s to come early in the year. I will do my usual summer update once I have more information about summer and fall plans. And for now, let me start with the changes happening.

For the first time in six years, I will be raising my rates as of January 1st, 2023. It is a small rate change, and it will mostly effect those who have a deductible; I’m not sure what it means exactly for those with a copay, as most are set already by the insurance company, but could increase for some individuals.

What do I mean by a small increase? It’s a $15 increase per service, and the following is a breakdown of what it looks like:

  • Intake sessions (75 minutes billed) will be $140, up from $125 previously.
  • Regular sessions (60 minutes billed) will be $125, up from $110.
  • 45-minute (billed) sessions will be $110, up from $95.
  • 30-minute (billed) sessions will be $95, up from $80.
  • And lastly, EAP sessions (60 minutes billed) will be $125, up from $110.

In regards to my current private pay clients, there will be no changes in your rates, as those were negotiated when my rates were lower. Going forward, however, future private pay clients will pay a higher rate than current private pay clients.

On a wonderful note, I was able to join the Aetna network as a provider, so if anyone’s insurance changes, I will be a covered provider for you and yours. This change started mid-October, and will continue for as long as I am able to be covered by Aetna; I’m still covered by all other insurances, so zero changes there.  Gentle reminder to update any changes in insurance as soon as possible.

Mondays are still my only in-person day for sessions, and I am continuing to work with the lady I sublet office space from on figuring out other days of the week where I may potentially see clients in-person; we are still having difficulties pinning down concrete information from the landlord on expanding the office space. That does NOT change anyone’s telehealth appointments, and no one will be forced to go to in-person sessions at any point. I am still eternally grateful that I have the opportunity to reach so many of you through telehealth.

Quick reminder that I will be out of the office on Thursday, December 1st, and Friday, December 2nd. The following dates I currently know that I will be out of the office beginning in January are from 5pm on Wednesday, January 18th through Friday, January 20th; I will return to regular sessions on Monday, January 23rd. And in March, I will be out of the office from Wednesday, March 8th until Monday, March 20th, returning to regular sessions on Tuesday, March 21st; I will be mostly out of contact during that time, but will regularly check for messages and emails, replying when I have the opportunity to do so. I understand it is a long time for me to be out of the office, and will do my best to set everyone up for success while I am gone. Tentatively, I may be out on March 31st, but have not received confirmation of plans, so will keep everyone updated well in advance of that date.

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