Fall Office Update

Good news: the Leander office has moved! We’re at a lovely spot with an open floor plan AND outdoor area. Leander Counseling website link with more info. At present, I am not having in-person sessions, due to the local COVID-19 numbers, but am continuing to work with Bethany to find a rhythm that works for both of us so I can invite clients back to in-person sessions. I am still doing telehealth visits, although currently not taking on any new clients; I may be taking on new clients in January, but definitely not in November or December, so that I may focus on my current clients during the holiday ups and downs.

I know it is disappointing to many for me to not be in the office for in-person sessions yet, which I understand fully, as I am also disappointed. There are many layers involved here, including needing to be part-time caregiver for my parents, who are elderly and cannot be exposed to the normal winter ick, let alone COVID-19. I do feel that January and February will be better for me to attempt to be back to in-person sessions at least one day a week. The new office space is situated as such that only one provider can be safely (and ethically) in the office at a time, and coordinating days will be quite the adventure; the delay in my going back to in-person allows the other provider the ability to find what is and isn’t working for the space, so that I may go back with more information and a better understanding of how to interact with clients within the new office guidelines.

The new guidelines will include: mask wearing during sessions; hand washing prior to and following session, with hand sanitizer available throughout the office; no food or drinks in the office; and limited activities available to do, as surfaces and objects will need to be sanitized more regularly between sessions/clients. I will have a more detailed list once I have made the decision to go back to in-person.

It is my hope that when we are able to be back in-person, everyone will feel safe and comfortable with the precautions. Until then, I will provide the best counseling I can via telehealth services.

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