Office Updates

As of today, June 6, 2020, I have not returned to either the North Austin or Leander locations to see clients for in-person sessions. I am keeping up to date on what insurance companies have said as far as coverage for telehealth services, with most dates ending on June 30, 2020, for telehealth services being covered by insurance.

What does this mean going forward? Myself and my insurance clients will need to discuss how to navigate the changing situation, and make the best decisions for ourselves. I am hopeful to be back in the Leander office by July to continue in-person services for those that wish to have them, and of course to continue telehealth services for everyone else. As for my private pay clients, we are able to continue with telehealth services uninterrupted, indefinitely or until they choose to return to the office.

And speaking of the North Austin office, I will no longer be seeing clients at that location after June 30th, 2020. I had almost seven wonderful years at the location, and have decided it was time to transition to more telehealth work, as well as focus on expanding my practice in the Leander office.

I am continuing to accept new clients for telehealth services, and for in-person sessions once I return to the Leander office, as my availability will be expanded to Monday through Friday at the office. At present, the lady I sublet from and I are working on ways to make the office safe for everyone’s return. I will be posting the new office policies as soon as they are ready, and will update as necessary.

Stay hydrated. Stay safe. And I look forward to seeing you all later this summer.

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