2020 Updates

I am slowly working myself towards being more digital, which has the potential to include video sessions for clients in Texas but not able to make it to either office I work from. My license is for Texas only, so sorry, out of state folks, can’t help you (I wish I could). This includes doing more research on digital notes and all the accessories that go with that. I have a bit of hesitation because of my own need for control, but it would be nice to kill a few less trees.

With the New Year, I plan to open up a few more client spots, but want to ensure I can juggle the workload without burning out. In that, I have planned to take time off at certain points throughout the year to recuperate and recharge my internal battery to be able to better serve my clients and their families, as well to be able to give to my family and friends (and me!) the necessary levels of care.

And as always, I have great intentions of updating more often, but whoops, life happens, and I lose the thread, so to speak.

May the New Year bring us all a bit more healing and understanding.

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