Mindful Holiday

It’s the time of year when one is easily swept up in to all of the decorating, baking, buying, and going going going going going x infinity. And in it, we can forget to do things like have a glass (or 3) of water; eat a snack or meal; stay within budget; keep up routines; and stopping before we are so worn out, we can’t even rest.We get wrapped up in wrapping, bagging, carding, caroling, and running ourselves in to the ground without stopping to think, “Is this too much?” “Wouldn’t we be just as happy with less fussing?” “Am I taking care of the real necessities?” “When was the last time I had a conversation that wasn’t about the holidays?”


I encourage you to take this moment to inhale slowly and deeply, roll your shoulders back gently, and exhale slowly. In the next breath, close your eyes, inhale deeply, and exhale through your mouth with a slow sigh, releasing your tongue from the roof of your mouth as you open your mouth to sigh.


My gift to you this holiday season is permission to slow yourself down. Be in the moment for a full minute, then proceed forward. Uni-task instead of multitask. And with that, I leave you to find your place and space to reconnect with yourself during the holidays.

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